“As an expat single stuck abroad, the times like the Covid pandemic may hit you even harder than imagined” say Aleksandra and Petra, two expats in Belgium and Germany #23

May 31, 2021
This time a bit different: two ladies from the same region, yet from different countries, sharing their expat experiences from the perspective of a single relocating for a job and a better future to Belgium and Germany. Polyglots, language and translation professionals, expat souls and my friends whom I met during my internship in the EU Parliament in Luxembourg have been my dear guests on Exlander. 
Petra Mesić relocated to Germany from Croatia for a job at Electronic Arts and has pursued her career within a different company since then. She has shared some of the culture shocks she initially encountered, her single online dating expat experience (spoiler alert: not all Germans are polyamorous:-) and her emotional, yet realistic relationship to her homeland. 
During the covid pandemic she started a youtube channel called Piotra and as an avid trained choir singer she has released a song playing ukulele: 
Aleksandra Starčević is of Serbian origin and comes from Slovenia. She works at the European Network of Political Foundations in Brussels and has lived in Luxembourg, Iceland and Portugal before settling in Belgium. She has shared bits and pieces of what it is like to live in the EU bubble, her relationship towards the Balkans and what the expat single experience looks like from her perspective. 
If you want to hear some tips on how to integrate as a single expat abroad and learn something new at the same time, this episode is an absolute must. 
*update: Germany is no longer in the harsh lockdown as it was when recording this episode. Let's celebrate!:-)

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